Monday, February 22, 2010

Two new websites for Colorado Truckers

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Get Loaded

Two new websites have been launched that Cargo, Freight and Courier companies and their customers in Colorado and other U.S. States can use Free of Charge.

The sites have been specifically designed and developed over a 2 year period to help all types of road-load carriers and their customers meet on a common platform where each can list their load-space availability or requirements. The potential for site users to reduce costs and increase profit cannot be underestimated and many will see the services the sites offer as a means towards achieving greater efficiencies.

With so much focus on the Carbon Footprint it may not be too long before the freight industry comes under the spotlight even more and is forced down the road into re-thinking journey planning and load organization in order to minimize the transportation of too much ‘fresh air . Whilst road-load carriers continue to face spiraling costs in terms of higher fuel, insurance, tax and vehicle maintenance costs leading to even greater erosion of already tight margins, their customers continue to expect competitive pricing. The sites are:

Comments Steve Rowlands who designed and launched the sites; Working in the field of Project Management I had opportunities to fully understand the plight of the road haulage industry and quickly realized how competitive it is whilst appreciating the never-ending search it has to fill load-space. Anyone travelling by road anywhere in the world can’t help but notice haulage vehicles that are empty or only part-loaded; in essence carrying ‘fresh air’ that has to be paid for with fuel that continues to increase in cost which can be crippling in terms of over-inflated operating costs. With some road-haulage vehicles at best achieving only 5-9 miles per gallon, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize how much it was costing the carrier to haul space and realized that I had to do something to support the industry and it’s customers. The rest is history and the sites were born.

I encourage everyone reading this article who has any load-space available to sell or is looking for space to ship single or multiple consignments no matter how big or small, to list their details on the sites for all to see. While is the road-load search site that’s driven by it’s members, I’m hoping that both sites will be well received and used for the benefit of all.

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