Friday, February 19, 2010

New site for car and truck lovers

Do you think about cars, pickups and trucks every day? Do you read about the new models, watch automotive programs on television, and dream about the perfect vehicle? Can you name a vehicle’s make and model from 100 yards away in traffic? Maybe you like playing on four wheels in the dirt and mud?

This site is for off-roaders, four-wheelers, restorers and antique-lovers. is the welcoming place for the enthusiast who wants to let friends and neighbors know about the latest road trip, whether on or off the highway. It’s a place where rally- and poker runners can exchange views and information; antique, new or model-specific car club members are able to discuss their latest meet, their latest show or a coming meeting or event.

Or do you just need information that is objective and reliable? If so, this website is custom-designed for you. If it has four wheels (or more!) and an engine, we’re going to write about it.

CCT is your on-line magazine and community website dedicated to the enjoyment, entertainment and education surrounding car and truck enthusiasts from all over the state of Colorado. It’s through active community feedback and participation that CCT delivers viable and relevant content to our members. And it’s through those contributing members that CCT is able to offer a friendly, informative, thoughtful, safe and respectful environment for all CCT members.

A key part of Colorado Cars and is the community forums. It's in the forums where you'll find the people of Colorado talking together as a community, brought together through the common interest of cars and trucks. It's in the forums where we'll be looking for your feedback and suggestions about what you want to see covered in the magazine. Colorado Cars and (CCT) magazine will offer feature articles, historical documents, photographs, statistics and general useful information throughout the year. CCT is also honored to provide special forums and content pages to qualifying clubs and organizations within the state of Colorado. There are a lot of great people, clubs and events across the United States and we honor their dedication and commitment to their passions. But when we started CCT we knew that a single e-publication couldn't take on everything related to cars and trucks around the country, so rather than limiting ourselves to just one type of car or truck or special interest area, we decided to focus on a geographical region. By staying focused on Colorado we can develop relationships and contacts in a broad range of subjects related to cars and trucks.

Registration and membership are free. CCT provides access to posting in the public forums, submitting and publishing automotive articles and placing classified ads. The site is supported by member businesses and organizations that purchase advertising space on the CCT website. To keep on-line, members are encouraged to use the links to our advertisers on the site to visit those businesses and organizations supporting CCT.

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