Thursday, November 5, 2009 Debuts as Pueblo Colorado’s Newest Consumer Directory and Resource Online

Pueblo, CO - ( – Internet advertising firm Buoyancy Digital, LLC is
pleased to announce the beta launch of, the newest and most
progressive directory of information, content and listings published by and for the
people of Pueblo, Colorado.

The site, still in its first phase of operations, will serve as a
resource for consumers, professionals and students alike to find what Pueblo has to
offer online, no matter what format, all with a local flavor.

On the business side, Pueblo businesses which have been used to paying hundreds
to thousands of dollars per year on advertising campaigns that reach a generally
focused audience, will be able to self-publish relevant targeted ads seen by users
who are seeking what your web site and business actually offers. Registered users of
the site have the ability today to publish searchable web listings
which may be linked to videos and pictures, classified listings, categorized banner
advertisements, and for the aspiring writers in the community, the ability to publish
articles of general or genre-specific interest.

According to Mr. Rabinowitz, site manager for, “As a consumer, I
have found it difficult to find various kinds of Pueblo focused info and local site
listings easily. addresses the need with a human-edited directory,
meaning that actual folks who live here have a hand in shaping what gets published
to the site, now and forever.”

“On the business side, local companies need cost effective solutions to reach the
targeted audiences available online who are interested in buying their goods and
services. Beyond being an advertising specialist, I am a Pueblo business owner and
have seen what the large national media companies’ charge, the level of service
offered, and the level of economic return they provide for businesses in Pueblo and
Colorado Springs for internet advertising. The next evolution for local business
advertising is to be found where your potential new customers are looking, at a
reasonable cost, and most importantly, where you can clearly see a return on your
investment with tools to measure the results that people in any line of work can
easily understand.”

The team at Buoyancy Digital has been in the field of internet
advertising and web site traffic management for over 10 years. The company mission
is to provide cost effective web site support and advertising services to meet the
needs of local business. The web site reflects this focused
commitment to support the consumers of Pueblo and local merchants alike.
For more information, please visit us online at

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