Sunday, November 8, 2009


Company Press Release

Using the Internet, Company Offers Bigger Image, Low Rates to Business Clients

Business owners can now outsource administrative and other support functions to a "Virtual Assistant" and concentrate on what matters – growing their business.

Castle Rock, CO ----November 2009 --- Kim Hamilton, a Castle Rock entrepreneur, announced the opening of Professional Business Solutions, LLC, a virtual support practice devoted to helping business owners handle administrative tasks so they can free up their time to focus on growing their business and at the same time help them save money. Using the Internet and email with other mainstay communications tools, businesses are now able to pass along the routine but important tasks without having to hire employees or temporary help.

Hamilton explains that Professional Business Solutions, LLC aids business owners by handling such tasks as administrative services, word processing, bookkeeping, database management, data entry, mailings, transcription, notary services, information/internet research, event planning, concierge, and travel, as well as managing voice and email and other day-to-day, non-core matters.

Kim Hamilton is one of a growing number of home-based "Virtual Assistants," (VA) leveraging the Internet to launch practices around the world. These professional administrative assistants represent a broad cross-section of society, including single parents, seniors, college students, people with disabilities, downsized executives, and many others with skills and expertise essential to small or large businesses.

Hamilton explains, "Virtual Assistants are the ideal staffing solution for the new breed of 'wired' business owners. Without requiring more office equipment or space, and without the hassles associated with hiring employees, Virtual Assistants offer expert support on an as-needed basis -- billing only for time-on-task. Since Virtual Assistants themselves are also business owners, they have a direct interest in making sure their clients are happy with their performance, and better understand the business arena than either employees or temps."

The business owner with a VA can have administrative needs handled "transparently," with the client unaware that the assistant is hundreds or even thousands of miles away. "Business owners can pick up the phone in their car or at the airport and delegate work to their VA in 'real time,' knowing that the work will be completed professionally and on time, and at a reasonable fee," says Hamilton.

When you work with a VA, you get a partner, not an employee. In this virtual world, your assistant can be anywhere! The wonderful benefit of a VA is the working relationship is tailored to fit your needs!

Contact information: Kim Hamilton, Owner, Virtual Assistant, Professional Business Solutions, LLC,, 303-663-6616.

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