Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Trails! New website offers detailed information about hiking in Colorado

Press Release – Just in time for the arrival of the vacation planning season, www.RockyMountainHikingTrails.com launched a new website today that gives hikers interested in Rocky Mountain National Park a robust source of trail information at their fingertips.

www.RockyMountainHikingTrails.com offers detailed information on more than 70 hikes, including trail descriptions, key features, pictures, maps, elevation profiles and more. Additionally, the site is organized to make it easier for hikers to compare and choose trails that best suit their hiking preferences. Before the launch of RockyMountainHikingTrails.com, hikers had difficulty finding detailed web-based trail information for Rocky Mountain National Park. Most existing sites list only a handful of the most popular trails, and provide only limited information without regard to individual hikers’ skill level or preferences.

With this new website, hikers can choose trails based on either location within the park, hiking difficulty, key features, or they can simply look at an alphabetical listing. RockyMountainHikingTrails.com uses a mathematical formula to rate trail difficulty which gives hikers a comparable reference point between trails. This information will benefit any day hiker; including people looking for a short stroll to a nearby waterfall, to the long distance hiker looking to climb Hallett Peak, as well as hikes of varying lengths and difficulty in-between.

RockyMountainHikingTrails.com’s goal is to become the most comprehensive source for free information on hiking trails in Rocky Mountain National Park. Currently the site provides detailed information on more than 70 hikes in the Park, including trail descriptions, key features, pictures, maps and elevation profiles.

RockyMountainHikingTrails.com is the sister site to www.HikinginGlacier.com, launched last year, and www.HikingintheSmokys.com, the number one hiking website for the Great Smoky Mountains. Launched in April of 2008, HikingintheSmokys.com has received more than 495,000 visits over the last 12 months, and currently ranks 20th among all 410 hiking websites, according to Alexa.com. HikingintheSmokys.com was also named the best website for Trails on Federal Lands in 2008 by American Trails.

Visit http://www.rockymountainhikingtrails.com/ for more information.

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