Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lightning Hybrids introduces first ever hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus

Colorado company produces system that provides up to 40% MPG improvement Loveland, Colorado - Lightning Hybrids Inc. (LHI) plans to unveil their new fuel-efficient hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus on September 10 at BusCon in Chicago. The vehicle, a 2012 Ford E-450 23-passenger shuttle bus with a hydraulic hybrid system, will be available for rides along Navy Pier for the two days of North America’s biggest bus show.
This bus, the first hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus on the road, gets up to 40% better fuel economy than a non-hybrid because it regenerates braking energy -- and it has more power for acceleration and stopping. The system provides a 2 to 3 year payback for stop-and-go drive cycles based on fuel and brake savings. “This is the first hydraulic hybrid shuttle bus on the road and we’re excited to show it off at BusCon. Surprisingly, everyone who has test driven comments more on the extra acceleration power and better braking than the fuel savings. The LHI system is clearly a great safety feature in addition to a fuel saving solution, ”stated Tim Reeser, LHI’s Co-Founder and President. Lightning Hybrids has partnered with Davey Coach Sales of Sedalia, Colorado, to sell the retrofitted shuttle buses. Lightning Hybrids has been working on the hydraulic hybrid system since September 2008. It is available for heavy duty Ford and GM vehicles – work trucks, shuttle buses, utility vehicles – both new as well as retrofit to vehicles currently in fleets. LHI’s systems are made and assembled in the U.S.A. Orders are currently being taken with delivery 60 days from receipt of order. For more information please call 1-800-223-0740 ext. 102 or email About Lightning Hybrids Inc. Lightning Hybrids is an innovative automotive research and manufacturing company based in Loveland, Colorado. We focus on hydraulic solutions for vehicles – ranging from the fuel efficient hydraulic hybrid systems to lightweight composite accumulators. The hydraulic hybrid system for fleet vehicles delivers up to 40 percent improvement in fuel economy by regenerating braking energy and decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent. Our high pressure composite bladder accumulators for hydraulic and other energy storage applications are safer and weigh only one-third the amount of standard steel accumulators. For more information about Lightning Hybrids, please visit

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