Thursday, October 29, 2009


Greener Community Card to create a sustainable local community for Denver and surrounding areas.

Denver, Colo. (October 21,2009) Finders Keepers is proud to announce the partnership with Denver Zoo and The Institute of Ecolonomics in launching a break through reward and loyalty program that will sustain Non-Profits, grow local businesses, and give back to consumers. “We are very excited about this program because it supports our mission to secure a better world for animals through human understanding. One important way we can all contribute to the life of animals is by making choices that support a sustainable relationship with our environment. This program helps us support local businesses that do just that,” says Denver Zoo Executive Vice President/COO Kyle Burks.

Zoo visitors can pick up their card for free at the zoo’s Boo At The Zoo After Dark event on Oct. 30 from 7 – 9 p.m. Special guests Linda Gray, star of the T.V. hit series “Dallas”, special guest on “Melrose Place,” and UN Ambassador, and Gerry Weaver, late husband of Dennis Weaver and environmental leader, will be on hand to support the cause by distributing program cards and signing autographs.

Finders Keepers is the creator of the reward and loyalty solution that integrates database building, fundraising, email and text marketing, as well as gift and rewards. “Businesses and Non-Profits now have the opportunity to market to their customers directly all while creating a loyal relationship and increasing the bottom line in a responsible, sustainable manner!” Says Garrett Bachert, Finders Keepers Director of Sales.

“Our partnership with Denver Zoo and Finders Keepers has generated a mutually beneficial platform for us to impact more than just the community, rather, the entire nation,” says Scott Fardulis, Chairman & CEO of the Institute of Ecolonomics. When a customer shows their Greener Community Card, participating businesses agree to load a percent cash back on the card toward a future visit, as well as contribute a royalty to Denver Zoo.

Finders Keepers’ mission is to maximize the financial success of businesses, non-profits, and consumers by promoting a strong local ecology and economy. They do this through innovative E-Marketing tools and techniques including loyalty gift and reward platform as well as text and Email marketing. Finders Keepers is located in Northern Colorado.

The Institute of Ecolonomics is movement away from behavior that is ecologically and economically destructive towards activities that protect our environment and nurture our economy.

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