Monday, July 20, 2009


Company press release:

After several months of beta testing, consumer and business feedback, and subsequent improvements in Summit County, Colorado - blirp!, a "community oriented" FREE service that helps both small business owners and consumers via green "Shout Outs" - expands statewide.

What in the world is a “blirp!” "blirp! - a short alert or simple notification. A
hybrid word derived from blip and blurb." blirp! is a dynamic, green, Internet-based service that allows small business owners to effectively tap the power and low-cost aspects of the Internet to successfully reach a local audience in their neighborhood with special promotions and offers. blirp! removes the burden of email management and Internet marketing for the small business owner, while keeping the basic business package on blirp! FREE.

Consumers can always subscribe to blirp! for FREE to receive local, money-saving, green "Shout Outs." Shout Outs contain UNADVERTISED offers and specials for their zip code from their local businesses and are sent as a daily or weekly email; consumers decide the frequency. Shout Outs contain a few random offers listed in the email with a special link to the blirp! site with ALL the available offers for the zip code they have selected.

Why do this?
In this economic slump, both small businesses and consumers need a helping hand. Small businesses are the economic lifeblood of most of our communities, and the ability for them to communicate their message regularly to a local audience is of utmost importance. However, advertising is one of the first things reduced or eliminated by
a small business owner when cash flow decreases, sometimes creating an unfortunate downward spiral. That is why we offer a FREE basic business package, to try and help out businesses in each community.

Digital delivery via the Internet is a green way to greatly reduce the costs of getting a message out, and can help supplement a traditional advertising strategy. But that digital delivery needs to effectively and regularly reach a local audience, which has been the problem for most local businesses, until now. blirp! solves this problem by bringing the small business owner and local consumer together with our "community oriented" service. And blirp! is an inexpensive way for a business owner to test and gauge consumer response to an idea or offer, before making a larger investment in a traditional advertising campaign.

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