Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Colorado Taxpayer Transparency Act

From the desk of Marsha Looper


The 2008-2009 State Operating Budget had an $18.61 billion dollars price tag. Do you know where all of that money was spent? Until now, it is has been difficult, if not impossible to locate any information on the State’s spending policies. Now, with the passage of HB09-1288, taxpayers throughout Colorado will have an opportunity to view first-hand where their money is being spent!

Many people want to know where Colorado State Government is spending their hard earned money and with the enactment of HB1288, citizens will now have the option to view the state’s checkbook, including the total amount of revenue collected and the total amount of revenue spent by the Legislature, Department of Personnel and Governor’s Office. Some of the provisions for the website include:

· State expenditure and revenue data-commonly known as the financial data warehouse;

· Expenditure and revenue data will be updated every 5th business day;

· Download options;

· 10 years of archived revenue and expenditure data;

· Feedback option for users of the website;

· Information shall be available by the Internet by January 1, 2010.

As co-sponsor of the Colorado Taxpayers Transparency Act, it is my intent to allow everyone the opportunity to view and comment on the state’s spending and revenue collection policies. The information listed on the states website ( provides citizens one more measure of transparency in government so desperately needed in these challenging financial times.

For additional information on HB1288 and other state policy please contact me at or contact me directly at 719-238-5600. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the Colorado House of Representatives.

Marsha Looper ( R )
Colorado State Representative HD#19, 719-238-5600

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